SESA微店全称SESA & me芝麻街,是出售和展示SESA周边及宣传品的网络平台。微店办公室成员负责制作SESA周边宣传品,并负责微店的运营。微店产品面向所有在校学生,具有理工专业特色且形式丰富,同时也出售部分理工专业需要使用的文具工具。

The full name of SESA online store is SESA&me sesame street. It is an online platform aimed to sell and display SESA’s souvenirs.The members of online store office are responsible for the design and production of souvenirs, and are also responsible for the operation of the shop. The products displayed on the shop are aimed at all students in the UNNC, with both rich forms and characteristics of science and technology major. Stationery tools needed by some science and technology majors are also selled.


大家好,我是微店办公室主任李想,大二CSAI专业。SESA微店全称SESA & me芝麻街,是出售和展示SESA周边及宣传品的网络平台。微店办公室成员负责制作SESA周边宣传品,并负责微店的运营。微店产品面向所有在校学生,具有理工专业特色且形式丰富,同时也出售部分理工专业需要使用的文具工具。